Punto Montalban $6 Million USD

A monumental Coastal property. Montalban is 458 hectares (1131.74 acres) coupled with Punta Montalban which is 482 hectares (1191.05 acres). Frontage with the Federal Maritime zone Montalban 3816 mts. (3.8 kilometers/2.37 miles)
Punta Montalban 1957 mts. (1.95 kilometers/1.2 miles)

Location: 25’ N 11” @ 110’ W 54”.  132 km from La Paz:  100 km from Loreto:  160 km from mainland Mexico.

Easy access and proximity to Islands including Santa Cruz, San Dieguito, San Jose, San Francisco, La Raza, Monseratte, Santa Catalina, Havana, Isla Carmen and the Loreto National Marine Park.

The Gulf of California and islands near the property are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beaches encompass four types: sandy, rocky, pebbles and cliffs.

Punta Montalban Reef
1.78 kilometer long reef extending from Arroyo Montalban to the west side of Isla Morena offering excellent diving and fishing. The constant underground flow of fresh water from Arroyo Montalban contributes to a very healthy off shore marine environment.

The property is virgin and provides abundant examples of the unusual flora and fauna that distinguishes the region including large deer and big horn sheep found in the Sierra above the property. There are no improvements on the land.

Fossil of large marine mammals, sponges, shellfish, fish and coral. Anthropological remains such as grinding tools, arrow heads have been found here.

Waters flow from the Sierra Giganta headlands down the Arroyo Salsipuedes and Arroyo Montalban, which join together at the western side of the property to create a major water catchment zone.

The property has a multi-use water concession for 3,000 m3; the aquifer has no other parties soliciting water from this aquifer so it is very likely that the concession could be expanded. 

Access: by boat from San Evaristo or dirt trail from Ciudad Constitution.