Hacienda Dracula $1.5 Million USD

Hacienda Dracula is the largest and most famous historical house in Todos Santos. Built in 1852 by Don Antonio Domingues, the first sugar baron. The name comes from its unique Gothic arched windows, and not an actual vampire. There's said to be treasure buried somewhere within the walls. The Domingues family owned the Hacienda continuously until 1985, when they sold it to a group of young American writers & film directors.

May 8th 2014 New York Times Article

The new owners have restored the out-buildings, reinforced and membraned the roof & added an upstairs bathroom. Otherwise, the grand old building with original character has been preserved almost intact.

The imposing brick structure has 2 floors and 14-ft ceilings, with each floor approximately 2500 square feet. Three bedrooms, a foyer, a salon & bathroom upstairs, two large rooms on the ground floor. In an adjoining outbuilding are a bathroom, kitchen & guest bedroom.

A central courtyard and solarium offer a wonderful old-world environment perfect for poetry readings, workshops, theater performances or just a wild cocktail party. Take a few steps further and you enter the back orchard area offering a mix of fruit and ornamental trees. 

The entire half-acre property is surrounded by 10-ft brick walls.

There is ample space for several guest houses. This would be a perfect enclave, the Hacienda for a large family, business or a small classic boutique inn.